Metallic Grey Ceramic Burner Bundle

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Conceptualized in 1996, the triangular burner by Papier d’Arménie bestows a sophisticated elegance to any interior, and provides the ideal method to burn their paper scents. Composed of a glazed ceramic composition, the tray prolongs the diffusion of each perfumed strip that is lit underneath, ensuring a consistent olfactory sensation that both cleanses odours and sets a pleasant mood every time.

This bundle includes: ‘Tradition’, ‘Rose’, and 'Arménie' scented incense paper booklets. The paper incense can be folded and burnt to eliminate odours or simply be placed in a closet or dresser to delicately infuse into clothing. Each booklet comes in a vintage leaflet package and can be used year round.

  • Ceramic Burner
  • Triangular base - 14.5cm per side
  • Dome - D8cm x H5.5cm
  • ‘Tradition’, ‘Rose’, and 'Arménie' scented booklets
  • 36 paper incense strips (per booklet)

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