Yusho Nishioka - Inline Block

Burning incense traces far back to ancient eras across India, Africa, and Asia with historic purpose in religious rituals, worship, protection and more. Today, usage of incense has trended beyond spiritual terms and can be easily enjoyed by anyone wishing to ignite a heightened sense of mindfulness in their daily life.

Just as important as the scent of the incense one burns, is the device that holds the stick(s). Yusho Nishioka, a Vancouver based industrial designer, has created a remarkable incense tray with smooth, tactile detail. Constructed from lightweight anodized aluminum which translates colour well in a metallic form, the piece is developed with a slight concave slope that allows ashes to fall neatly in a row as the incense burns. The polite length of the holder also effortlessly compliments diverse shelving and table surfaces without being disruptive to its surroundings. Overall, Yusho’s poetic design effortlessly marries industrial and natural practices together, producing a product that contributes meaningfully to the peaceful experience of burning incense.

Available now in four different colours - Green, Orange, Black, and Aluminum.