Vol. 6: New Frequency

Newness - an attractive feeling of constant and sustained desire. Though we know how familiar spring and summer seasons tend to unfold, each moment that we notice the sun set later or temperatures inch higher, feels like a new discovery. Like listening to a new song by your favourite artist for the first time, there lies a balanced sense of expectation and excitement.

We’ve slowly gathered together a new set of songs to capture those fleeting moments of newness, visit our playlist via Spotify or Apple Music to have a listen.   

1. Teardrops - NEIL FRANCES
2. Virtual Insanity - Remastered 2006 - Jamiroquai
3. Millennium - Toro y Moi, The Mattson 2
4. Oh Honey - Delegation
5. Dos Uvas - Pale Jay
6. Opendoors - Jitwam
7. Got Caught in Amsterdam - Arc De Soleil
8. Good News - Mac Miller
9. Hypnosis - Holy Hive 
10. Steely Dad - Drug Cabin
11. Mates - John Carroll Kirby
12. On the Way to the Club - Blur
13. Wondrous Place - Drug Store Romeos 
14. Apocalypse - Cigarettes After Sex