Vol.4: Sunlight

A door closes, another opens. We begin to feel the crescendo of fall as we descend into the colder months ahead. With a change of scenery and temperature comes change of mood, and so we’d like to present our seasonal playlist featuring a variety of inquisitive and melancholy songs that echo our meandering feelings. 

The playlist is available on Spotify and Apple Music. Hope you enjoy. 

1. 刻在我心底的名字 - 圆号
2. OH NO, OH YES! - Akina Nakamori
3. Baby’s Tears Blues - Mort Garson
4. Cherry-coloured Funk - Cocteau Twins
5. Infinite Bliss - Maston
6. 蓋なしの彼 - mei ehara
7. Chinatown - Wild Nothing
8. Absentee - Cass McCombs
9. Poxa - Cortex
10.  最後の楽園 - Haruomi Hosono
11. Take a Break - Sven Wunder
12. Robinson Crusoe - The Art of Noise
13. My Flame - Bobby Caldwell
14. I'd Have You Anytime - 2014 Remaster - George Harrison