Vol. 1: Shelter

The warmth of summer departs, each day now feeling shorter than the last. Sounds of soft guitar recall fragments of autumn's past, memories envelope us against the chill of the cold weather. Our inaugural playlist drifts within these spaces of reflection, with sounds spanning from James K to Pharaoh Sanders. The playlist is available here.

1. alright - James K
2. Kodomotachi - Susumu Yokota
3. Blue Shit - Mica Levi
4. Lollita - A.R. Kane
5. 水波石 - 林強
6. Building Something Beautiful for Me - Loraine James
7. Love is Everywhere - Pharoah Sanders
8. here and now - Organ Tapes, CNS GLO
9. Frozen Torches - Claire Rousay, More Eaze, Bloodz Boi
10. Sleeping (Anja Ngozi Remix) - Tirzah
11. Eve (Anwummerɛ) - Coby Sey
12. Hey, Who Really Cares - Linda Perhacs