Thing Fabrics - TIP TOP 365 Room Sandals

Thing Fabrics is a Japanese company renowned for their specialized approach to developing some of the most high quality pile towels in the world, made from rare ultra long fibre cotton harvested in very limited batches across America and India. The end result is an exceptionally soft and smooth textile with a silky lustre and minimal fluff shedding that can be used on a multitude of products beyond just towels.The city of Imabari, where the company is based, is famous for specifically manufacturing high quality towels and Thing Fabrics has made it their goal to utilize these resources and share their one of a kind home goods with the world. For reference, the highest grade of cotton must be a minimum of 35mm per fibre to qualify; Thing Fabrics uses a cotton length averaging 36.5mm per fibre.

The Room Sandals by Thing Fabrics is a sincere practice in modest luxury. The humble home slipper is reimagined in a delicately plush pile fabric that will make it a gentle joy to wear daily at home. The unique texture of the sandals adds a further sense of warmth and sits atop a contrast footbed for durability and longevity.

Shop the Room Sandals in Olive and Khaki Beige here.