'Sub-Sonar' by nthng

nthng is one of those rare artists who seems to meander across different realms of electronica with succinct ease and style. His EP last year ‘Sub-Sonar’ is, in my opinion, one of his most elegant works to date, with each of the four tracks telling grandiose, hypnotizing tales with unique flourishes. 

Throughout the EP, nthng effortlessly demonstrates an intrinsic ability to push boundaries without veering too far in one direction. Each song feels meticulously hand-crafted but not calculated - a fluid balance that’s quite difficult to achieve consistently. The track with the most lasting impression on me is the first, simply titled ‘Looking Outside’.

Subterranean dub techno purity, pulsating rhythmic percussion, and sparkling keys that feel like witnessing a shooting star. The cherry on top is the cover artwork, a photo shot by Wolfgang Tillmans that conjures inexplicable feelings within me.  

- Jason