Spring/Summer 2022

With the Spring Summer 22’ season slowly beginning to unravel, our attention focuses on the arrival of a new brand at our doors - DeMarcoLab.

DeMarcoLab is a clothing and lifestyle brand that began in 2009 and has grown slowly, but surely over the years becoming a reflection of underground subculture through a Taiwanese lens. Technical details have always been present with DeMarcoLab which are incorporated quietly throughout their approachable and casual designs.

Charles wears two notable pieces from our first delivery from DeMarcoLab, the Reflective Zip Plaid Shirt in Beige and the BIGDADDY Corduroy Chino in Grey. The silhouettes of each piece are considered in thoughtful ways that make them uniquely relaxed without looking oversized or baggy. Also featured is the Safety Tuff Mask Cord accessory which clips and securely holds face coverings for easy on and off access. On feet are a pair of versatile German Army Trainers from Reproduction of Found updated in a black leather offering with a brown gumsole finish while a câbleami Moleskin Dixie Hat in Navy finishes the look, cooly contrasting with the warm tones of the other garments.

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