Reproduction of Found - Russian Military Trainer (1540FSL)

Known for their masterful reimaginations of vintage footwear, Reproduction of Found has uncovered a unique silhouette titled 1540FSL, referencing military training shoes worn by the Russian Army.

This particular model is a rare slip-on style first seen in the early 2000’s and worn primarily as a casual shoe around home base, notable for its simple, streamlined design and easy on and off accessibility. Reproduction of Found’s updated product takes the original to new heights with the addition of premium leather accents and a serrated rubber outsole for improved traction and stability. The body features a synthetic mesh that mimics a similar visual pattern as the original, retaining the original aesthetic. Efficiently designed with a stretchable opening, the shoe boasts an exceptionally efficient and comfortable look and feel.

Slip on sneakers have been making a quiet comeback recently, acting as a subtle rebellion to the past few years where hyper stylized designs and concepts saturated the market. For those looking to add a highly versatile, low-key, and reliable shoe to their rotation, this one may be as good as it gets.

Discover the Russian Military Slip-On in two colours here.