Reproduction of Found - German Military Trainer 1777SL

Sometimes, tweaking things in small but meaningful ways instead of maximal make-overs are the best method to reinvent a product. For Reproduction of Found, this lends true to their seasonal rendition of the famed German Army Trainer (which we have written about previously here).

Boasting their signature blend of premium Italian suede and nappa leather construction, this model sits atop a cup sole by Margom®, an industry leading manufacturer of footwear soles, coincidentally also based out of Italy. The specific sole is known as the ‘Serena’ model and has been popularized by high-end footwear brands across the industry for their devilishly polished and minimal appearance. The traditional German Army Trainer sole has a tapered look and is made from a naturally derived source which is then treated to produce a soft, grippy caramel rubber and finally glued onto the upper. This isn’t the most secure bonding method in the long run which Margom® soles solve as they must be sized perfectly to each last and sewn in.

The shoes are finished with a pigskin and mesh lining, a signature Reproduction of Found detail. Ultimately, the 1777SL doesn’t stray too far from it’s heritage and showcases a superb blend of military and sportswear elements with a slight, but sophisticated touch.

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