Papier d'Arménie - Paper Incense Booklet

Founded in the 19th century by chemist Auguste Ponsot and pharmacist Henri Rivier, Papier d’Arménie purveys a unique olfactory experience through their booklets of scented paper.

This season we’ve brought in three of their most renowned scents, ‘Tradition’, 'Arménie', and ‘Rose’, each with a special charm harking back to old-world methodology that begins with harvesting the highest quality benzoin, a powerful resin known for its naturally sweet and warm aroma. This provides the perfect base to mix with fragrance oils to produce unmistakeable scents that have stood the test of time.

‘Tradition’ brings forth easygoing notes of vanilla and balsam, 'Arménie' is an arresting blend of myrrh, sage, lavender, and cedarwood, and ‘Rose’, as it’s name implies, carries a refreshing tinge of natural floral and fruit scents. Each page can be folded, crimped, and lit to create a burning experience similar to incense sticks, or simply torn and placed into an enclosed space such as a closet or drawer to infuse gently into clothing. The powerful natural ingredients are effective at quickly dispersing any unpleasant odours and perfect to set a calming mood for the senses.

Discover the Papier d’Arménie booklets here.