Organic Threads - Crew Socks

Organic Threads is a small Co-Op ‘America Approved Green Business’ with honest intent in producing sustainable, eco-friendly, and surprisingly stylish socks. Each pair is made in the USA and woven from FoxFibre® cotton which was developed on a family operated farm from Capay Valley, California that has been dedicated to pursuing natural methods of cotton and wool dyeing since 1982. The composition is blended with a fractional amount of synthetic materials, 10% nylon and 5% elastic, which aid in providing the best fit for various sized feet as well as ensuring durability and longevity. Each pair carries a remarkably supple ribbed texture suitable for wearing year round and comes in a warm, naturally derived cream toned hue that removes the need for bleaching and any other unnecessarily harmful chemical processes. Furthermore, the colouration of Organic Threads’ socks can actually patina much like other naturally derived goods, though this will be more apparent in the Green and Brown models than the Cream. 

Socks are often an oversight many people tend to disregard and usually end up being an accessory that is constantly worn out and replaced without much thought. Why not treat your socks with the same thoughtfulness as a pair of leather shoes or raw indigo denim? We hope you take care of and enjoy wearing these socks just as much as the rest of your wardrobe.

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