'New Tab' by Khotin

New Tab is an album released in 2018 from Khotin, a Canadian artist I’ve followed and enjoyed listening to for a while now. I can’t exactly remember how I first stumbled upon his music, but it must have been connected across a through line after discovering Pacific Rhythm around the mid 2010’s. The tender curiosity in his melodies blends effortlessly amidst beautifully haze drenched ambience. These elements alongside neatly unfussy drum patterns enamoured me, especially in earlier tracks such as ‘Why Don’t We Talk’ and ‘Recycle’, both of which forever hold a special place in my personal memories.

New Tab is an effervescent 10 piece album where Khotin expands on his ambient foundations, with subtle nods to Vancouver and its surroundings which also happens to be where the album was recorded. The moods between tracks can vary, however the overall spectrum feels perfectly balanced in his signature style. Peculiar field recordings and vocal samples are littered throughout, adding an otherworldly dimension to the album when listened from top to bottom. A favourite of mine is ‘Fever Loop’.

It’s quite a perfect album in many ways. Listening to it again, it gently transports me to a place I didn’t know I wanted to be, and I don’t mind staying for a while in this limbo.

- Jason