Messengers Style

More often than not, the prevailing style of any given moment hails from what is seen on the street. For city dwellers that commute and travel frequently, the urban environment is given special consideration in regards to assembling a uniform of sorts - one that is consistent, yet dynamic in how it allows you to move through the workings of city life.

Published by Assouline in 2000, French photographer Philippe Bialobos documented this exact notion with Messengers Style, which captures the personal style of a diverse ensemble of New York City messengers. The overall feel of the book lends itself to a marriage of both futuristic and hippie aesthetics, specific to the moment at the turn of the century. Flipping through the pages of the book not only provides a masterclass on urban street style, but a deeper connection with the subjects themselves, with each messenger showcasing their own distinctive look and message.

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