Healthknit - Japanese Washi Paper Socks

Washi Fibres and paper fibres in general have gained surprising notoriety as a technical component especially effective in socks. This is due to their natural ability to absorb moisture, which may not sound the most ideal for the feet, however when worn, one can understand how unique and functional this detail is. When the moisture is wicked and absorbed into the fibres of the sock, it efficiently reduces stuffiniess inside the socks and allows the foot to breathe and feel normal, even if you were to walk in the rain or have stepped in a puddle.

Healthknit has developed a simple pair of blank socks that carry the functionality of Washi Paper fibres. The composition is carefully blended with polyester and polyurethane which are necessary to ensure comfort, stretchiness, and longevity. Washi paper fibres are also naturally antimicrobial and deodorizing, and commonly used in traditional housing construction in Japan for these exact reasons. The end result is a superbly advanced performance sock that is unfussy in look and design which is sure to become a wardrobe favourite.

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