Healthknit - Functional Fabric

It was during the mid 1900’s when ‘underwear’ began developing into a fashionable garment. The business now is immense and underwear has transcended it’s basic purpose of protecting our private areas to becoming a branded symbol of status across the world.

At the end of the day, what most people desire is a well-made product that feels comfortable next to skin and is long lasting. Healthknit is a longstanding company that has been providing these exact garments for the general public for over a decade. They’ve honed in and developed some of the most exceptional fabric that far outclass the general styles you’ll find from the local department stores. One fabric in particular is their ‘Functional Waffle’, a simple and unassuming waffle knit cotton that is loaded with technical properties.

Waffle thermals are primarily worn as a base layer for their unmatched heat retention, as the unique square weave traps pockets of warm air, ensuring the bodies natural heat isn’t lost. Healthknit has used their expertise to further advanced this fabric through rigorous testing and development, imbuing a moisture wicking, quick drying, and optimally breathable textile. Healthknit then utilizes a silver ion processing finish which provides antimicrobial and deodorizing function which is an exceptional detail considering the intended end usage of the fabric.

For our inaugural delivery from the storied company, we present their updated models of the Henley and Long Sleeve T-Shirt crafted from their patented ‘Functional Waffle’ textile. The texture of the fabric is unmatched in softness and comfort and each garment is finished with un-abrasive neck branding and a small red tab on the left side. Overall, both make excellent choices as a standalone top or as a base layer for outdoor activities, and come in a slew of sophisticated colours.

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