Healthknit Black Label - Suvin Blend Lounge Shorts

With colder days around the corner, we tend to spend more and more time in doors, with comfort and warmth becoming our main goals. Simple garments like sweat tops and bottoms are easy and evident selections as they provide both aforementioned traits.

Healthknit presents their seasonal take on the classic sportswear inspired sweat short, utilizing a cotton weave blended with Suvin, one of the rarest and finest long staple cotton varieties hailing from India. Suvin cotton itself is considered as a luxury cotton, and produced only in limited amounts that requires a combination of Sujata and Sea Island fibres. The end result is a textile that carries stretch, durability, and incredible softness. Furthering the development, Healthknit has added a pile finish to the fabric, creating a plush loft that would not be noticed at first glance. These are sure to be one of the most comfortable sweat shorts ever made.

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