drypond Eyewear

Just in time for summer, we’ve got a long awaited delivery from drypond, a premier eyewear label that we’ve been proud to stock since its inception.

drypond has arrived with a flurry of new models in a wide variety of colours that venture across various aesthetic territories, ensuring a suitable choice for anyone and everyone. Alongside, we’ve also received a healthy restock of bestselling models such as Koya and Alves with a beautiful new Olive colourway that’s infinitely versatile and one of our favourites.

Continuing to evolve and bring in new references, it’s evident that drypond is on a patient and imaginative route, introducing styles such as Archie, Colby, and Caius. These three models showcase the brands ability to refine some of the more daring silhouettes with a polished sense of ease. They each offer a bold, yet unassuming feeling, all in different ways, and come in a multitude of frame and lens combos to appease your visual senses such as Olive, Honey Amber, and Tea.

Not to forget about the classics, Kaslo, Juels, and Aspen continue the narrative of bridging legacy and craftsmanship that drypond has been honing. Each of these new models has a distinct reference point from a historical figure or moment in time. The end result is a familiar shape that’s been reconsidered with modern materials and unparalleled craftsmanship, producing an attractively distinct and reliable look for the contemporary cosmopolitan.

With brighter days ahead, discover further technical details and the whole range of drypond’s latest offerings here.