DeMarcoLab - REF Zip Plaid Shirt

Plaid shirts have been popularised throughout pop culture and worn by workers, hippies, musicians, outdoor fanatics, and just about everyone in between at some point in their lives. They offer the ability to express one's creative choice of patterns and colours without being too frivolous as the shirts tend to offer functionality through pockets and special fabrics. Though the colours don’t define where you come from as was the historical purpose in Scotland, plaid shirts are versatile and eye-catching garments that remain popular to this day.

This season, for our newest brand from Taiwan DeMarcoLab, we present their unique take on the flannel shirt. Coming in a warm beige tone with red and white highlights, the shirt carries a unique array of functional details inspired by outdoor garments. The chest pockets are designed with a gusseted 3-D construction while a double zippered vent is found on each side complete with reflective detail. The gussets found on the chest pockets allow them to expand and hold different items while maintaining a slim visual while the side vent adds a playful nudge to style the piece to the wearers liking. The shirts are composed from a premium Japanese cotton weave, finished with custom branded buttons, and come in a relaxed, boxy silhouette thanks to oversized shoulders and a wide cut through the sleeves and body.

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