DeMarcoLab - BIGDADDY40 Cord Chino

Corduroy has gone in and out of style many times through the ages though at this point, it’s safe to say the fuzzy textured fabric is a mainstay in fashion and streetwear. Clothing trends in the city have lately gravitated towards wider and looser silhouettes which work quite seamlessly with corduroy fabric.

The ‘BIGDADDY40’ chino comes in two monochromatic colours and is constructed from a premium Japanese cotton/poly blended fabric that is durable, exceptionally comfy, and carries a bit of stretch as well. A double pleated design lends to the relaxed fit which is wider around the thighs and tapers towards gradually the hem, creating an effortless drape. The composition of the cord fabric features slimmer wales, making the overall look quite lowkey and easy to pair with other garments. Finishing off the details are custom engraved buttons and a quirky inner graphic print that nods to the musically inspired roots of DeMarcoLab’s design process.

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