'Deep Fantasy' by Surfing

One of the most memorable moments of my life is tied to ‘Deep Fantasy’ by Surfing. It’s a quintessential 10 track vaporwave album that’s drenched in wistful synth melodies and dreamy melancholy.

When my parents moved back overseas, they left a lot of their old belongings and one of them was a vintage Sony sound system consisting of an audio receiver and mid sized speakers. I actually had no idea how to use the system and was ready to donate the whole thing as it took up some space, but luckily hadn’t gotten around to it yet. One day, I had saved up some money to buy a record player and committed to figuring out how to connect it to my parent’s old sound system after doing some research online. Considering I was used to only using AUX cables and Bluetooth my whole life, this was a daunting task. It took a few hours, a handful of youtube tutorials, and many failed connection attempts, but when the dramatic acoustics of ‘Dal Boca Vista’  finally crept out of the speakers' dusty mesh covered cones, I was instantly blown away.

A short minute passed and the thick guitar riffs and vocal harmonising of ‘Moonlight’ washed through the living room and my ear drums. It was in this moment where a lofty ease enraptured my senses and suddenly I felt everything in life might just be alright. I was grateful to hear music through the same speakers that my parents enjoyed and felt a sense of connection that I had not experienced before. I spent that evening alone and played the album from top to bottom multiple times, listening to the crisp deliverance of each consecutive track. My favourite track is “Your Touch”.

- Jason