Crazy Character Print (CCP) - Wool Shirt Jacket

With the climate shifting swiftly as we approach the end of the season, transitional pieces such as shirt-jackets become simple wardrobe solutions. They offer warmth and protection without being too heavy or cumbersome.

A highlight piece from Crazy Character Print this season is their JK-LB14, a distinctly functional take on the shirt-jacket silhouette. Inspired by workwear cues, the garment is built with two large chest pockets that can be accessed from the hidden zippered seams as well as the top flaps, offering generous areas to safely store personal goods. The neckline can be worn raised and fastened with a collar attachment to protect against windy weather without the need for a scarf. Zippered fastenings are placed on each side seam to allow easy access to pockets underneath so there’s no need to fumble around when reaching for your wallet or phone. The wool, cotton, and poly blend combine unique benefits of each textile, making a remarkably comfortable, yet hardy outer layer that will be sure to come in handy on the daily. Finally, the smart collared finish and relaxed silhouette make it a sophisticated piece regardless how it’s styled.

View JK-LB14 and the rest of CCP’s latest delivery here.