Crazy Character Print (CCP) - Shirt Jacket

‘Typewriter’ is a term developed by certain Japanese fabric mills to define an exceptionally fine, smooth, and extra dense cotton weave. By nature of this tightened construction method, the surface of the fabric becomes tougher and water resistant. The LS-LB01 Shirt Jacket from CCP.FM this season utilizes a premium Cordura® standard typewriter material that ensures both comfort and long-lasting wear.

Unassuming in design, the minimal details of the shirt showcase a fresh approach to technical apparel. Concealed ‘Tamabuchi’ pockets are found in the chest panels behind a folded pleat and are perfect for storing small goods such as a wallet or phone without compromising the overall look or feel. One pocket also features a hidden zipper for further security. The garment maintains a smart finish with a thinly batting filled collar that can be worn two ways, a dimensional back pleat, and scooped hemline reminiscent of traditional dress shirts.

The LS-LB01 comes in both black and white, acting as a perfect transitional piece between seasons thanks to its casual look and quiet, performance minded design. 

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