Crazy Character Print (CCP) - Rain Jacket

With the dog days of summer counting down, we can safely say we miss the rain, right? The proliferation of outdoor functional garments has provided the general public with more knowledge and access to protective rain jackets. We’ve become familiar with what to expect when wearing rain gear, though sometimes, these shell jackets tend to look similar to one another.

Let CCP take it into their hands to re-establish the ever popular rain jacket silhouette through JK-TB108. Featuring familiar details with surprisingly functional details such as the main chest pocket which is accessible through a chest slot and features a three-dimensional shape without compromising the overall fit. Raglan sleeves offer comfort and cascade into back vents at the back shoulders for breathability. Finally, the cozy hood design is built with the addition of a stowed extended panel that can all it to be drawn further over the head for more rain protection.

The jacket is imbued with a strong sense of Japanese sensibility in design, but feels familiar and will be sure to spark a new appreciation for weatherproof gear for the wearer. Coming in two fall ready colours, Khaki and Black, check out more details here.