Crazy Character Print (CCP) - 3D-PK JACKET

With the steadily rising interest in technical apparel, there seems to be infinite options available now more than ever before. While long standing outdoor companies still continue to produce some of the best, most innovative gear out there, independent labels like Crazy Character Print (CCP) have emerged with alternative visions of equally capable garments for urban environments.

At first glance, CCP’S 3D-PK Winter Jacket is most striking in its voluminous silhouette. Looking over the jacket while it’s laid flat or on a hanger, it manages to hold its distinctive shape in a way that is almost intimidating. While the jacket is big in its appearance, it surprisingly doesn’t weigh down the wearer at all once it’s on. If anything, the feeling of moving about in the jacket is cloud-like in its lightness (thanks to the jacket’s heat retentive properties, no additional insulation is required to maintain warmth). And while the hidden details, zippers and pocket configuration are clearly well thought out, they don’t over complicate the overall usage of the jacket. With the 3D-PK Winter Jacket, CCP have managed to produce the ideal cold weather outerwear piece, in a protective, comfortable package that can be styled with just about anything.

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