Camber - MAX-WEIGHT® Pocket T-Shirt

The search never quite ends for the ‘perfect’ t-shirt. There is an endless sea of brands and designers that produce their ideal solid colour t-shirt which could be considered as the most important and popular garment in the world. After all, the humble short sleeve tee acts as the integral blank canvas for the rest of an outfit, and whether it is hidden under a sweatshirt or worn simply with a pair of good trousers, feeling good is the lasting attribute that makes a ‘perfect’ t-shirt.

Our Camber Max-Weight® t-shirt is a strong contender and comes in toward the heavier side of the weight class at 8 ounces (most t-shirts fall between the 4-6oz range). It’s made in the USA from 100% cotton and is free of any synthetic blending which typically produces a more comfortable initial fabric feel, though can end up pilling and distorting over time and tend to be less durable. The Max-Weight® is surprisingly soft and is one of those things that tends to get better with age as the cotton fibres and starch slowly break down and soften with wear. One thing to note - it isn’t pre-shrunk, meaning after you get one, you can either keep it true-to-size by foregoing machine washing and hang drying, or if you prefer a slightly snugger fit, toss it in the dryer and it’ll shrink down 5% to 10%. Looking at the rest of the details, the reinforced collar is a stellar finish that ensures the shape and form of the neckline while cover stitching is found on all seams, providing a remarkably comfortable fit. The chest pocket is a quiet nod to workwear sensibilities and offers an easy spot to tuck sunglasses or other accessories that ultimately makes the garment feel like more than just a t-shirt.

At the end of the day, everyone comes in different shapes and sizes and no one t-shirt will ever be perfect for all, however we firmly believe that the Camber Max-Weight® Pocket T-Shirt is literally and figuratively, a heavy contender for the top spot.

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