câbleami - Ventile® Cap

With technical, all-weather ready gear in mind, one might think of garments with all the odds and ends - some with the latest waterproof fabric technology, with more pockets than you’ll ever need, and zippers found in the areas you would least expect. While it could be ideal to be protected head to toe in the event of an imminent rainstorm, the aesthetic of an entirely technical ensemble can sometimes be overbearing.

A good ball cap can provide balance to such an ensemble, and the best ones are usually simple, in terms of both design and wearability. With their Ventile® Cap, câbleami has managed to distill all the essential elements of a versatile ball cap, together with the added performance of Ventile® fabric. Those familiar with the historic fabric will know that its high density weave lends itself to effective water resistance, all while providing natural, breathable comfort due to its 100% cotton composition. The use of this quality fabric on a ball cap, combined with minimal design and a great fit make for a truly ideal option, leaving little to be desired.  

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