câbleami - Moleskin Dixie Hat

The Moleskin Dixie Hat by câbleami references the shape of cotton hats worn by US naval officers which feature a shallow depth and a flipped brim creating a silhouette somewhat reminiscent of ‘dixie’ drinking cups. Beyond the iconic look of the hats made famous by the military, they were popular for functional reasons as well - they protected the head against direct sunlight, were more lightweight and comfortable than their straw predecessors, and were also easy to storage and clean. 

Nowadays, they provide a unique headwear option that differs from other bucket hats and are worn with the brim flipped downward, creating a close fitting dome shape that borders the eyebrows. This particular model is expertly constructed by câbleami and comes in two all around colours, a classic khaki brown as well as a dark navy, both featuring standout contrast white stitching. Made from a durable cotton moleskin fabric which is notable for its dense weave, soft suede like surface, and weather resistance, these bucket hats are boldly understated and updated for modern times.

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