câbleami - Linen Waffle Watch Cap

Whatever you call them, be it toque, beanie, etc. this style of headwear is a winter classic and tends to disappear when warm weather approaches. Câbleami has thoughtfully worked on crafting a knitted watch cap that utilizes linen, a natural and sustainable fibre made from fibres of the flax plant.

Linen fabric is typically found on bedding and summer clothing thanks to its charming capability of conducting heat which is one of the reasons it always feels cool to the touch, even in tropical temperatures. This particular linen is sourced from France and features ‘Hank’ dyeing, a technique that maximizes colour outcome while respecting and maintaining the original loft of the fabric which is something lost in regular dye methods. The caps are constructed in Japan with a beautiful waffle knit that is both visually pleasing and comfortable to wear thanks to its stretchiness.

The Linen Waffle Watch Cap is finished in a slightly longer casual silhouette that is ideal for wearing over the ear. Though we still wouldn’t recommend wearing a beanie in the middle of summer, this cap will serve well year round and offer an inviting alternative to the usual wool and acrylic blends.

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