câbleami - 5W Corduroy Metro Hat

Traditionally, bucket hats were worn by farmers and fishermen as a means of protection from the elements. The functional roots of the bucket hat have grown and evolved over time, leading the accessory to become an immensely stylish staple thanks to adoption from numerous subcultures around the world. 

For câbleami, their ‘Metro’ hat offers a plush rendition of the classic bucket silhouette in a distinct corduroy fabric. The ‘elephant’ style of the thicker wales allows the velvet like fabric to be noticed much more boldly, adding a subtle point of texture to any outfit.The construction of the hat is expertly finished with a moisture wicking inner headband lining and further includes an adjustable drawcord that allows much more flexibility in fit than the average hat. The cotton construction of the corduroy fabric will also patina over time and wear, making these a one of a kind piece that will only look better and become more personal over time. The 5W Corduroy Hat comes in Camel and Black, both versatile picks for any wardrobe.

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