All at Once


Canadian eyewear brand drypond is quietly making a name for itself and we’re pleased to announce their latest delivery has arrived. Expanding their concise product range to include more shapes and colours, drypond continues to develop its visual identity while showcasing exceptional construction standards and use of material.

For this delivery, we’ve got five uniquely named styles all channelling different identities that blend a modern sense of curiosity while paying homage to classic silhouettes. The colour palette is highlighted by forest greens and orange that balance out the mature feel of the rest of the collection. Furthermore, the use of different tinted lenses and textured Italian acetates make this a standout season for the fledgeling eyewear brand. Frames such as Geri and Nata bring an approachable, rounded style while the Koya and Alves offer more dynamic lines nodding back to classic wayfarer styles. Our personal favourite is the Plea model, which looks and feels exceptionally refreshing.

drypond isn’t concerned with trends, and focuses more so on reinventing our concept of eyewear, imbuing each frame with careful functional consideration and aesthetic execution informed by a rich manufacturing history. With summer right around the corner, take a better look at drypond’s latest frames on our website, we consider them a worthy investment.

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